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Vancouver, WA


I was a surrogate, and delivered a beautiful baby boy for two dads who are like family to us. We visit them every so often in San Francisco. The experience of having them be there for the birth, and getting to watch two deserving people become dads was just something I will never forget. It made me appreciate my family even more, and gave me such respect for everyone who struggles with fertility or has to use alternative methods to create their families.

When No One Is looking:

I love to cook, journal incessantly, should probably write that book I’ve been talking about for two decades, and over the years have enjoyed a side gig as a photographer. I coach volleyball when I can, used to compete in weightlifting/physique competitions, and I am currently training for a 500+ mile bike ride in California in 2023 to raise money for HIV/AIDS research.

Super Power:

Connecting with people on a meaningful level.

Talk to me about:

Creating meaningful connections, building a beautiful employee experience for my teams, providing a valuable and enjoyable experience for our clients, and sharing my passion for all things marketing and branding. Let’s change the world together!

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