Meet John Santangelo


Developing and executing digital marketing strategies to help our clients achieve measurable results.

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Originally from Southampton, NY. Currently live in Jacksonville, FL.


Realizing the impact that my actions can have on others, including my kids, and therefore trying as much as I can to be the best version of me.

Guiltiest Pleasure:

I can admit to watching at least half of the Hallmark Christmas movies each year. But not Christmas in July, that’s just wrong.

When no one’s looking, I am…

Fixing up my daughter’s island on Animal Crossing.

Favorite superheroes:

People who always try and do the right thing — even when it’s difficult or unpopular.

Super power:

Adapting successful marketing tactics and strategies from other industries.

Talk to me about:

Digital Marketing, Candidate Acquisition, Lead Generation, SEO, Digital Advertising, Demand Generation, Web Analytics.

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