Meet Gordon Jackson


I design and implement technical solutions for ClearEdge clients specializing in complex WordPress implementations and integrations.

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Crystal Lake, IL

Guiltiest Pleasure:

Real-time strategy games

Proudest achievement:

Getting my two children through difficult times in one piece.

When no one’s looking…

I love to play and record music, especially with my wife (I have a master’s in musical performance). I’m also a good baker and love the science of making something that tastes so good.

Favorite superhero:

My mom. She raised my brother and me from near poverty on her own. She taught us to never be afraid to take on something new and that, while you listen to reason, you can shake off the ones that say it can’t be done. She led us to concentrate on success.

Super power:

Extreme Speed Power Learning (ESPL)

Talk to me about:

Technical Leadership, Integration and Application Architecture, Custom WordPress Development, Object Oriented Programming, Web Services, Cloud Technologies

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