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Philadelphia, PA

Life Changing Experience:

The pandemic! After spending more time away from work, I completely readjusted my priorities and how I wanted to spend my time. I quit my job, gave up my apartment, and moved to a new city all within 1 month! Which all lead me to my current role at CEM - so I know it was the right path to take:)

Proudest Achievement:

Switching career paths successfully - I was in food service/catering management for my entire career. After Covid, I realized I wanted more, which led me into exploring the field of Project Management.

Favorite Superhero:

My best female friends! I can’t pick just one, but each of them inspire and wow me every single day with their power, creativity, ability, and enthusiasm for life.


Ease of communication with just about anyone! I especially love befriending a more “challenging” person.

Talk to Me About:

Communication, organization, and creating systems.

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