An Equifax company

A (digital + branding) mission to help Main Street

The Challenge

After two decades of business success, it was time for PayNet to refresh their brand and update their digital and content marketing strategies. They wanted to more accurately reflect their market position as a modern, vibrant financial technology company that was both a leader—and a disruptor—in the commercial lending industry. This included establishing PayNet executives as industry thought-leaders, qualified to speak with in-depth knowledge and credibility on a range of topics relevant to the industry. Doing so also provided a mechanism to showcase PayNet’s innovative approach to customer products and solutions.

The Approach

In-depth research revealed PayNet’s story and served as a strategic framework for thoughtful messaging and a fresh visual identity. From there, ClearEdge shaped a comprehensive communication, digital and content strategy which included SEO management, social media, email marketing, blogs, podcasts, infographics and ebooks. Along with executive thought leadership, sales enablement tools, event support and a new website, ClearEdge served as a seamless yet essential extension to the PayNet marketing team.


Our ability to develop and inspire stakeholders through targeted, data-driven content propelled the reputation of senior executives at PayNet as thought leaders and industry influencers. With expert executive profiles on social media, we were able to leverage and amplify our marketing and branding strategy.

“When we were getting our offer, one of the attractive aspects was the branding. YOUR work played a role in this transaction.”

-Rissa Reddan, VP of Marketing

The Results

Creating a unique PayNet brand and delivering high-impact, engaging communication and digital strategies aligned their market position and accelerated their business success.


Our personalized digital strategy for William Phelan, Co-Founder and General Manager, established him as an industry thought leader, deepening his credibility with key stakeholders, including current and prospective clients, industry influencers and the media. Compelling executive thought leadership, innovative content and ongoing digital strategy has fueled credibility with key stakeholders and enhanced PayNet’s reputation as a market leader, before, during, and after the Equifax acquisition.



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