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ClearEdge is a company dedicated to transforming the business of talent through marketing, recruiting, and career empowerment services. Founded in 2006 as an outsourced marketing arm to the staffing and recruitment industry, ClearEdge has grown its capabilities to amplify both the brands and the people who shape how the world works. ClearEdge’s three divisions include:

Client in 2006 is still a client


Referral-based business


Go-to-market messaging strategies


Of the largest U.S. staffing companies have worked with us


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Right place + Right time = Sales


Staying top of mind at the right time is a game changer. ClearEdge Account Director, Jennifer Higgins, shares her expertise on this trending industry topic.

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Three ways to humanize your candidate journey


How do you strengthen your candidate experience? Jessica Elliott, ClearEdge SVP of Operations, shares three ways to personalize your approach.

Accelerate your growth

We’re bright. We bring the heat. We offer energy and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Affiliates & Partnerships

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TheEdge Podcast

A “How to Lead and Thrive” podcast from ClearEdge Marketing, TheEdge shines a light on the remarkable women leaders (and their allies) who are transforming the makeup and momentum of the talent and tech industries.

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We’re a dream team of award-winning strategists, writers, developers, designers, PR and digital talent. Many of us were marketing directors in past lives. Some of us worked for years at the top of the industries we serve. All of us are always striving to learn more, do better and support each other in serving our clients.

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