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Satisfaction Surveys

Building Loyalty and Boosting Sales

Measuring customer satisfaction should never be an afterthought, but a key element in your sales process. It strengthens relationships, builds loyalty and ultimately boosts sales. The information you gain from customer appraisals is critical for change management, setting long- and short-term goals and making better business decisions. Add in the very public and ever-present layer of social media, you better know what your clients (and employees) are thinking and saying about you – before the masses do!

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
ClearEdge Marketing’s satisfaction surveys provide a simple solution to help you engage your customer throughout the relationship. Whether you need to gather insights monthly, quarterly, annually or at project end, ClearEdge can customize a survey for customer interaction and feedback that works for you. Leveraging Inavero’s, the world’s leading provider of client and employee satisfaction research for staffing agencies, state-of-the-art survey tool, clients gain access to insights instantaneously.

Turning Data into Actionable Results
Gathering data is only the first step. Analyzing results and transforming them into actionable insights are just as critical. ClearEdge can help you dig under the covers to better understand the factors that can strengthen your relationships. We can identify strategies that will help you elevate your ratings and build customer loyalty.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Our solution can also provide insights about your own talent. Employee surveys are an excellent reality check. They enable you to measure engagement. An engaged workforce is more productive and more committed to your success. By checking the pulse of your team, you can quickly see where you excel and where you may fall short. ClearEdge can help you leverage survey results to strengthen your employment brand and drive higher engagement.

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