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Lead Generation Campaigns

ClearEdge offers a range of lead generation solutions, from traditional direct mail programs to target account programs (TAPs), talent outreach programs (TOPs) and employee referral programs (ERPs).

Target Account Programs – TAPs

ClearEdge target account programs (TAPs) are carefully and creatively choreographed lead generation campaigns. Using imaginative themes, TAPs use multiple touch points (direct mail, email, in-person visits, social media and/or themed promotional items) to introduce prospects to a business and its services – whether a net-new logo client or trying to penetrate deeper into existing accounts.

TAPs are a highly effective way to focus sales efforts, onboard new hires and penetrate larger accounts — ClearEdge clients often see a 30% jump in ROI when compared to traditional direct mail programs.

See examples of recent ClearEdge TAP designs.

Talent Outreach Programs – TOPs
In today’s job market, you have to get creative to get in front of top candidates. A well-designed talent outreach program (TOP)—made up of scheduled communications and thoughtful engagement strategies—helps businesses attract top candidates and retain a pool of loyal consultants.  The many tools we leverage to deploy TOPs include:

  • HTML emails and e-newsletters that provide meaningful information like job openings, technology developments, training opportunities and career trends/issues
  • Social media outreach
  • Social and networking events
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Referral programs (see below)
  • Employee awards and recognition

Employee Referral Programs – ERPs

Great employees have strong networks of colleagues, former colleagues, fellow alums and friends. Within those networks are potential hires and talented professionals. By establishing an Employee Referral Program (ERP), you can tap into that talent pool, rewarding employees for sharing resumes from their networks of skilled professionals.

Supporting employers and professional service providers for more than 10 years, ClearEdge has developed a wide variety of creative and strategic ERPs that get more and better candidates in the door.

Visit our portfolio to see a diverse sample of ClearEdge campaigns.

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