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Media Relations

With continuous growth in content marketing and social media, today’s media has no shortage of data, stories, thought leaders and contributors. The challenge for businesses is gaining the attention of critical media contacts—reporters and influencers who can tell your story and broadcast your messages.

Coverage-generating outreach requires a specific skill set as well as a powerful network of media contacts. The ClearEdge PR team offers both, bringing a wide range of experience with media contacts across different industries and the drive to develop new relationships on behalf of our clients.

ClearEdge Media Relations services include:

  • Creating virtual and print media kits
  • Writing press releases, bios, company overviews, article abstracts and more
  • Leveraging social media channels to interact with reporters and key stakeholders
  • Spotlighting newsworthy information and crafting key media messages
  • Providing business updates to industry experts, analysts and media contacts
  • Media tracking and monitoring, plus analysis
  • Media training and coaching for executives and company spokespeople
  • Custom solutions – Share your story with us, and we’ll craft a custom campaign to share it with the world (or your target audience)

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