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Videos & Infographics

In 2010, then-Google CEO Eric Schmidt famously said that in two days, we collectively create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization to 2003. Couple this with research that pegs the average adult attention span at eight seconds and its clear: businesses need to get visually creative in order to be noticed.

ClearEdge creates dynamic videos that tell your stories in compelling ways, from product animations and demos to recruitment videos that show off your unique culture. What better way to show you our work than watching a ClearEdge video example?

From the earliest cave paintings, pictures have been used to tell a story. Infographics allow you to share knowledge through graphic imagery. ClearEdge infographics serve as visual shorthand, telegraphing messages that engage, inspire and stimulate conversations. Infographics are also a great piece of downloadable content to drive relevant leads and help fuel media outreach to secure placements.

For visual inspiration, see these examples.