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Surveys & Reports

“Content is king.” It’s an effective cliché because it’s a true one. Today’s buyers expect rich information and insight from the businesses they consider and providers they trust. Original content is critical to enhancing search relevancy and is a powerful tool that drives PR, social media and sales outreach.

At ClearEdge, we help companies produce original content that gets noticed, including:


Whether you choose to deliver your knowledge via a white paper, eBook or executive briefing, the ClearEdge team of strategists, writers and designers will ensure your audiences are left educated and wanting to learn more.


The marketplace loves new information—especially when it is rich in numbers and stats. Industry and stakeholder surveys are a great way to produce thought leadership that positions you as an expert while providing strong content for months—if not longer. From brainstorming topics to developing the questions, from analyzing results to writing and designing the report, ClearEdge leads every step of the way.

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