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Marketing Campaigns

Innovative Marketing Campaigns

ClearEdge Marketing partners with software and cloud-based companies, professional services firms and staffing firms to develop creative and insightful marketing campaigns that consistently catch the interest of sought-after prospects and open the door to new opportunities. Our innovative programs are cost-effective, disciplined solutions for increasing marketing effectiveness and sales results.

Lead Generation & Targeted Account Programs
Our target account programs (TAPs) are disciplined, scheduled marketing campaigns that use multiple touch points, varied media (direct mail, email, in-person visits) and creative marketing messages to introduce prospects to a business and its services. Based on creative and highly focused themes, our TAPs are designed to generate interest and structured to put your sales team in touch with prospects every week through the integration of offline and online contacts. A highly effective way to focus sales teams, track sales activity and increase new business wins, TAPs developed by ClearEdge have proven to be 20% to 30% more effective than traditional direct mail campaigns.

Keep-in-Touch Programs
ClearEdge’s Keep-in-Touch (KIT) programs give businesses a way to continually deliver strong, consistent and value-driven messages. A KIT program can leverage a number of distinctive elements―individually or in combination—such as a newsletter (electronic and/or print), article series, case study campaign or blog to effectively build awareness and forge relationships with clients and prospects.

Candidate Care
A well-designed and consistent candidate care program helps businesses attract top candidates and retain a pool of loyal consultants. At the heart of a candidate care program is a scheduled communications campaign, designed to regularly connect with valued consultants and sought-after candidates. The many tools we leverage to deploy candidate care programs include:

  • HTML emails and e-newletters that provide meaningful information, such as job openings, technology developments, training opportunities and career trends/issues
  • Social media
  • Social and networking events
  • Periodic satisfaction surveys

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