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Branding & Messaging

Putting Your Best Brand Forward

Good branding is fundamental to marketing and sales success. It defines your value in the marketplace and makes a strategic impression that generates interest and action. The right brand is also a steady reminder of good business partnership and loyalty. Strong and consistent messaging brings a brand to life by ensuring clear articulation of the brand value proposition.

At ClearEdge Marketing, we help businesses of all sizes build and enhance their brands in order to strengthen and grow their competitive position. Our branding approach starts with a clear understanding of strategic positioning and offers strong capabilities that encompass all aspects of brand management, from basic branding support (e.g., logo and tagline development), all the way to comprehensive identity and go-to-market strategy development and execution.

Brand Identity Development & Go-To-Market Strategy

ClearEdge has developed and launched a number of distinctive brands across the industries we serve. Our team of industry and business strategists has crafted a comprehensive, proprietary process for brand selection, development and market launch.

Key deliverables of our strategic branding process include:

  • Extensive interviewing with internal and external stakeholders
  • Competitor review and analysis
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Name development
  • Logo and house style creation
  • Full company messaging—from taglines and company descriptors to service line nomenclature

Branding Tool Support & Polish

In some cases, the inherent value in an existing brand simply needs to be unlocked through a visual and verbal refresh. That could mean refining or enhancing specific identity tools, such as logos or imagery, or key messaging as expressed through taglines and elevator pitches. The ClearEdge creative team has extensive experience creating tools that speak to the unique character of your organization.

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