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Brand Messaging

Why do your clients choose you over competitors? Sharing your value proposition in a simple, yet compelling way to help your target audience cut through the clutter and recognize you as a company that understands their needs – and can offer a solution.

The ClearEdge Brand Messaging process gets to the words and ideas that truly matter to your customers. Our Brand Messaging services include:

  • Brand Naming
  • Product & Service Naming
  • Key Message Guide Development – a thorough messaging handbook that outlines:
    • Elevator pitch
    • Vision, mission and value proposition statements
    • Key differentiators with proof points
    • Company descriptors

ClearEdge messaging projects go beyond superficial evaluation. We engage a range of critical stakeholders (employees, clients, business leaders) and key audiences (analysts and media) to truly understand the key messages that are relevant to and powerful for your organization.

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