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SEO 101 for Websites: Enhance Your Google Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like Apple’s frequent iOS updates. Everyone agrees it’s a good idea, but no one really knows what it does. ClearEdge Marketing’s Digital Marketing Director, Carla Riseman, is here to tell you exactly what SEO is and how you can make sure your website is fully search engine optimized to enhance your Google rankings.


Women In Staffing – Anna Frazzetto

audioClearEdge CEO, Leslie Vickrey, interviews long time friend and mentor, Anna Frazzetto, Chief Digital Technology officer and Senior Vice President of Harvey Nash. Anna discusses her early career days as a programmer, what drew her into sales and how her background in technology impacted her passion for women in technology and exposing children to STEM at an early age. Anna also gives insight into the top three digital trends that are driving executive decisions today. Listen and share:


“International Women’s Day” with ClearEdge Marketing’s CEO, Leslie Vickrey

audioEmily interviews ClearEdge CEO Leslie Vickrey to celebrate International Women’s Day. During their talk, Emily covers everything from what sparked Leslie’s passion for advancing women in business to the challenges and opportunities women face today and how to build confidence starting at a young age that will carry well into a professional career. Listen now.


“Pilot” with Emily Tatum

audioDiscover the purpose, mission and vision behind providing you with a valuable ClearEdge Marketing audio expereince. Each week Emily will bring to you knowledge from ClearEdge’s very own marketing experts as well as influential women making waves in the staffing industry.