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You Won an Award – Now What?

The Staffing 100We’re less than a week into 2015, but get ready for annual lists and award announcements to hit your inbox. Hopefully you are on the verge of receiving good news based on the extensive nominations and applications you submitted last year. Receiving industry achievements is fantastic, but the “real” work begins after you’ve won. Spreading the word is an essential component. These 5 tips will help you leverage your accomplishment to make an impact with clients and prospects.

  1. Proactive Press Outreach – Announce your accomplishment while adding value with industry trends or tips and proactively engage the media to really stand out. This helps give context to your award and further positions you as an industry leader and big thinker.
  2. Blog Post – As an executive, this is your chance to share your company’s story in a personal, engaging way. Talk about what makes your company different and what made you stand out to receive such an important accomplishment. Use storytelling to connect with your audiences and personalize something that might seem corporate.
  3. Internal communications – Your team was essential to achieving this accomplishment—thank them with a party or other event. Saying “thank you” in a small or big way can make a big impact on morale, productivity and retention.
  4. Spread the word – Share the news on your social profiles and website, then create awesome sales scripts and emails for your team to share.
  5. Go all in – A company-wide campaign with custom website banners and landing page ensures your clients and prospects get the message—award-worthy service is your specialty!

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Leah McKelvey

About Leah McKelvey

With nearly ten years of business-to-business marketing experience in a sales organization, Leah understands the need to develop and deliver clear, concise and effective messages to target audiences—both internally and externally. Before joining ClearEdge Marketing, Leah was the Director of Corporate Marketing at CareerBuilder, leading their B2B marketing strategy team. She received her MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and received her undergrad degree in business from the University of Notre Dame. When not working, she's most likely on a plane traveling to a random destination around the world. Connect with Leah on Twitter or Google+.

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